Tip for Buying Used Boats in Ontario

January 30th, 2019 by

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Looking to purchase a used boat in Ontario? Buying used boats can sometimes be daunting; the key to finding quality boats is to make sure the overall maintenance of the boat has been kept up with. There are some key things to keep in mind when on the search for a quality boat that has been kept in good condition through the year. Even looking for the presence of staple items on the boat, such as life jackets and lines, can show you if the previous owner cared about the condition of the boat.

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Check For Cracks in the Fibreglass

Look at the fibreglass above and below the waterline of the boat- what do you see? Small slivers or spiderweb cracks are mostly cosmetic issues and should not affect the performance of the boat. However, anything larger than 2″ could be a cause for concern, as a crack this large could negatively affect the interior of the boat.

If you notice damage of this size or greater, ask the owner if he has been in a collision, and if so, what was done to fix any damage caused to the boat. Another sign of collision includes patches of gelcoat. If any of these are present, have an expert inspect the boat before committing to a purchase.

Check the Seats

Always make sure to check the seating area in a potential boat purchase. If the seats appear to be loose or wobbly, see if the bolts are to blame. If the bolts appear fine, you may be dealing with a rotting floor. Of course, this is costly and time-consuming repair that can often make the purchase unreasonable. As always, have a professional inspect the boat prior to purchase, as they will be able to accurately tell you if the boat has irreversible damage, or if the damage is worth repairing.

Check for Mildew

While some damage caused my mildew is relatively inexpensive to fix, deep damage within the boat will be very costly. Like mold, you need to make sure that if there are any mildew issues, they are only surface deep and mostly superficial damages. Check the seats, boat top, carpet, and storage lockers for mildew; any damage in these areas is an indicator that the boat has not been properly cared for.

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