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Tips on how to winterize your boat.

Pride Marine Group will help protect your investment and keep your boat running for years. Our expert technicians ensure that your boat is properly winterized and ready for you to enjoy again next summer.

Tip 1:

Winterization can not be understated. Without proper winterization/ storage of their products, boaters might incur complications while the product is not being used. If the proper steps are not taken engine owners could cause minor complications to catastrophic failures within the internal components of the engine.

Tip 2:

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Engine owners should take the initial steps to set up an appointment with their local Pride Marine Group location before the weather turns cold to prevent complications during the storage period.

Tip 3:

If your products are going to be out in the harsh elements ensure your boat/engine have been properly winterized and are protected. Boats being stored outside should be shrink wrapped which can be completed at your local Pride Marine Group location.

Tip 4:

Engine owners, before using the engine for the first time in the Spring, make sure to flush the engine (consult product manual) to ensure the product is running properly before heading out on the water. If the product is having complications, please consult the dealer who winterized your product.

Tip 5:

Boat owners; before launching your boat in the spring, make sure the drain plug is installed. Pride Marine Group will carry out this installation for you during the summarization process.

Tip 6:

Make sure you have a checklist of what your engine needs to be winterized.

Each engine owner should consult their product manual to determine the exact requirements of the manufacture. The top four items to address when winterizing/storing your products are:

  • Change Oil Filter and Engine Filter
  • Check the Sacrificial Anodes (Replace if 50% deteriorated)
  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank and run to cycle product through entire fuel system
  • Replace Gearcase or Sterndrive unit Lubricants

Tip 7:

Make sure you take your engine to Pride Marine Group – If you are not a DIY person, it is best to have Pride Marine Group complete the winterization/storage procedures recommended in the product manual.

The Pride Marine Group invoice will advise engine owners of the oil, fuel treatment and lubricant products used during this procedure if not, please ask. Always remember to consult the product manual or even a service manual to ensure the product is being restored to factory settings when the work has been completed.

Boats 28' and Under

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