Different Ways to Heat Your Boat

January 30th, 2019 by

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Ontario weather can get pretty sporadic; even in the Summer months, you might find yourself wearing thick sweaters and sweat pants, especially if you’re out on the water. If you’ve got a passion for boating but distaste for the cold, we’re here to offer you a few solutions.

There are plenty of ways to heat your boat, and we are here to uncover them for you! Interested in boats for sale in Ontario? Have a look at our inventory and see what Pride Marine Group can offer you today!

Fuel Burning Space Heaters

Fuel burning heaters are some of the most popular for boating ventures. If your specific boat uses diesel fuel, then this variety might be best for you, as most of them require diesel fuel to function correctly. Using the same fuel in your heater as you do in your boat helps make sure that you always have stock on hand. Some fuel burning heaters have a fan, and others do not, so if you have a preference make sure to double check which type you are purchasing.

Air Conditioner Heaters

You can dual purpose your boat’s central air conditioning system by installing an A/C electric heater into the electrical system. While you can use almost all types of A/C heaters, try to see if you can find one that is specifically for marine use. These types of A/C heaters are stainless steel and resist corrosion from the environment.

Hydronic Heat

You can circulate heated water through a pump/hose running through your boat to small radiators (also known as heat exchangers) located in your cabin area where you want the extra heat. The warmth from the water is transferred to the air by tiny fans sending air through the exchangers, and heating your cabin. The heated water can come from your main engine cooling system, heating coils, or a propane stove/range.

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