Best Boating Sunglasses in Ontario

January 30th, 2019 by

boating sunglasses

What’s just as important as protecting your skin while out on the water? Protecting your eyes! Harmful UV rays during the hot boating months can wreak havoc on your eyes if you don’t sufficiently protect yourself.

Besides finding glasses that block all UV rays, what other steps can you take to make sure that your protective wear is actually helping you combat the negative effects of the sun? Find out by reading the Pride Marine Blog below! Look for a new or used boat in Ontario? Visit our online inventory and find only the best.

Find Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses are a definite must for boaters. The sun itself is already dangerous for your sensitive eyes, but while boating the sun is reflected off the water, essentially doubling the damage done by the sun’s rays. Polarized lenses help to combat this, make sure your boating sunnies are polarized for true protection,

What’s the Lens Tint?

Your lenses colour goes beyond just style; they also affect the tint and protection of your sun glasses. The rule of thumb is that darker lenses will protect your eyes from the sun more; however, lighter colours might be ideal in other situations. For boating, we recommend finding the darkest tint you can.

What is the Lens Shape?

While it can be tempting to choose a pair of glasses that wraps around your face shape to block potential sand or dust, we would generally advise against this. Flat shaped glasses will help reduce the amount of distortion caused by the sunglasses, which helps keep you safe and alert while on the water. Curved glasses distorts any entering light, and can also lead to eye-fatigue and even migraines.

What Material?

Lenses can come in plastic or glass, but which material is best for boating? This choice is more personal and there is no universal “right”. Glass lenses are more scratch resistance than plastic, so if durability is your concern, go with glass. Plastic is more lightweight, so if comfort is your main concern, choose plastic lenses.

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