Avoiding Seasickness in the Muskoka Lakes

January 30th, 2019 by

fast moving boat in the water

Boating in the Muskoka  lakes is but a dream for some. If you’re only an occasional boater, you might find that the debilitating experience of seasickness graces you with it’s presence. While the cause of seasickness is almost always motion sickness, other outside factors can contribute to your nausea and upset stomach. Are you prone to seasickness? Read our blog below and avoid this boat-lovers nightmare today in Muskoka!

Things to Avoid

There are a few common seasickness-inducing triggers that we would advise that you avoid on your boating adventures.

  • Binoculars

While it might be tempting to use binoculars to truly take in the view, prolonged exposure can lead to some very unwanted nausea. If you really must use binoculars, limit your use to a few seconds every couple of minutes.

  • Alcohol

If you are particularly anxious on boats, you might be swayed to drown the anxiety in a drink or two. However, boating and drinking are a notoriously bad pair, not only for safety reasons, but also for having negative effects on your stomach

  • Sitting Backwards

The sense of visual orientation (which is a key component of seasickness) is worsened by facing backwards. Pay attention to which way your eyes are oriented; you’d be surprised to find how often you turn around, and stay there. If the seasickness persists, try to rest your eyes for a bit. Sometimes, keeping your eyes closed will help you re-orientate and will help the nausea to subside.


Things to Do

Now, there are some things you should not avoid. Make sure you are keeping up with the following to help lower your chances for seasickness.

  • Go Above Deck

Because being below deck can make your nausea worse; make sure to spend more time above deck.

  • Get Fresh Air

Don’t hide yourself away in the cabin when you feel unwell; getting some fresh air can really help alleviate uneasy feelings.

  • Eat a Nutritious Meal Before Hand

While we wouldn’t recommend having a heavy fast food meal before boating, a light and healthy meal will immensely help with any potential sickness.


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