Alukin Workboats

A hardworking aluminum utility boat.

Alukin Workboats offer a practical utility boat made from aluminium. These boats have won the hearts of many in the archipelagoes of Sweden. They are durable, practical, safe and also fun to drive.

This is a boat that is made to get the job done. Whether you use an Alukin Workboat for hauling gear, construction or landscaping, for search and rescue, fire rescue, as a patrol boat, for commercial applications, or for personal enjoyment – they are ready to handle high demand in even the toughest weather.




ALUKIN CW 750 is an aluminium utility boat with a centrally located cabin, which gives you easy access in and around the entire boat. Aft of the cabin there is a deck space with a bench and stowage. The aft deck makes it easy to moor and is large enough to use for fishing. The spacious cabin is designed for the best possible visibility and with full doors in the front and stern, it makes entry and exit smooth.  The front gate is operated from the wheelhouse. The front workspace has a length of 2.5 m and the width of the gate opening is 1.28 m, which provides plenty of space to take an ATV on board. Standing height inside the cab is a full 190cm. The ALUKIN CW 750 is a perfect aluminium boat for use all year round!

As an option, there are a number of options, such as a fridge drawer, a heated cabinet for a lunch box and a kitchenette with sink and cooking facilities.

Length: approx. 7.70m 
Beam: approx. 2.42m 
Height (freeboard): approx. 0.75m
Weight without motor: approx. 1550kg
Rig length: XL (25 “)
Motor size: 150-250hp
Max. Recommended speed: 40 knots
Draining: Self-draining
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 8




The foredeck is spacious and practical with a wide bow ramp of 143 cm. For the best comfort, all cab boats are equipped with comfortable seats and triple windshield wipers, as well as Webasto diesel heaters. This aluminum utility boat has 2 longitudinal sofas and a full door to the aft deck. Optional accessories include a refrigerator, kitchenette and heating cabinet for the lunch box. Length of foredeck: 3.5m. Standing height cab: 197cm.

Length Overall: approx. 8.5m 
Beam: approx. 2.60m 
Height (freeboard): approx. 0.75m
Weight without motor: approx. 1950kg
Rig length: XL (25 “)
Motor size rec: 200 – 450hp
Max. Rec. Speed: 40 knots
Unloading: Self-unloading
Number of persons: 8

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