Alukin Cabin Boats

A boat made for adventure.

Alukin Aluminum cabin boats combine the rigidity and endurance of a full aluminum boat with the comforts and performance of a cabin boat.

Each boat in this series feature a fully enclosed cabin, an abundance of storage space, comfortable seating, large rear decks, and walk around features.

Possible uses include fishing/charter boat, tour boat, water taxi/shuttle, search and rescue, patrol boat, expedition and exploration, and for those who live life on the water.

Cabin 750



ALUKIN C 750 is a versatile aluminum cabin boat that combines utility with pleasure, for use all year round! It has plenty of storage space in the cabin as well as on the front and aft decks and with stowage compartments along the inside of the freeboard through entire boat. The stern deck provides added safety when you are alone in the boat and the railing at waist height effectively protects against waves crashing over the stern and finding their way into the cabin. Standing height in the cab is a full 190cm. A wide deck with non-slip aluminum and sturdy grab rails makes it easy to get around the boat even on the outside. The interior is cozy and cushioned with comfortable neumatic chairs.

Like all Alukin aluminum boats, you will enjoy the maximum strength of a fully welded hull where the cab and hull are welded into one unit. The result, these boats will withstand the toughest environments.

Length Overall: approx. 7.5m 
Beam: approx. 2.35m 
Height (freeboard): approx. 0.75m
Weight without motor: approx. 1520kg
Rig length: XL (25 “)
Motor size: 150-300hp
Max. Recommended speed: 40 knots
Draining: Self-draining
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 8

SCR 850



ALUKIN SCR 850 is the aluminum boat that combines family needs and speed characteristics with a functional design. The cabin is integrated into the bow which provides comfortable space for overnight stays and has plenty of storage compartments, dimmer lighting and light entry. The cabin is also bedded between the stern tufts, which provides good space for the whole family to spend the night. Despite its spacious interior, the boat appears sleek and well-proportioned and gives a sporty look. The wide deck is 30cm wide in non-slip grooved sheet metal with solid grab rails and safety railing, which makes the boat easy to get in and around. A “commuter dream” – according to the magazine Båtnytt which gave the boat the highest rating in test driving. Comfortable Grammer chairs, bedding set and triple windshield wipers as standard. Can be adapted for trolling fishing with an optimized stern deck.

Length Overall: approx. 8.50m 
Beam: approx. 2.60m  
Height (freeboard): approx. 0.60m
Weight without motor: approx. 2100kg
Rig length: XL (25 “)
Motor size: 250 – 450hp
Max. Recommended speed: 45 knots
Draining: Self-draining
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 8

SCR 950



The ALUKIN SCR 950 is the largest leisure boat of Alukin’s boat models available. This boat is designed to combine extreme comfort with functionality in all seasons. With the covered foredeck and cabin built into the bow, the model fills a versatile need. With its 9.5 meters, there is plenty of space for comfortable overnight stays in combination with fast transport for those who need to get there quickly and safely in all weather.

Well equipped with a panoramic glass roof, heater, dimmer lighting in cab and ruff and separate WC. Possibility to equip with double mounted engines up to a combined 700hp.

Length Overall:  9.50
Beam:  2.90
Height (freeboard):  approx. 0.60m
Weight without motor:  approx. 3000kg Motor
size:  350 – 2 x 350
Max. rec. speed:  45 knots
Draining: Self-draining
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 10

WA 950



ALUKIN WA 950 is an aluminum boat with a walk-around deck and solid freeboards including grab rails around the entire boat. It has side sliding doors on both sides of the cab and openable side doors in the freeboards on the aft deck. With its 9.5 meters, there is plenty of space for comfortable overnight stays in combination with fast transport for those who need to get around quickly and safely in all weather and seasons. It has a covered foredeck, berths with ample space and plenty of light in the bow for comfortable overnight stays, as well as a smaller aft ridge for the children at the back of the cabin.

The boat is very well equipped as standard with, among other things, a panoramic glass roof, bow propeller, anchor winch, heater, dimmer lighting, four Grammer chairs, kitchenette in the passenger desk and refrigerator. Like all Alukin’s boats, it has plenty of stowage space both inside the boat and on the aft deck, with many stowage compartments along the inside of the freeboard. Can be equipped with twin engines up to 700hp.

Length: approx. 9.5m
Width: approx. 2.9m Draft
(tilted engine): approx. 0.5m Fuel
volume: approx. 450 litres
Weight without an engine: approx. 3100kg
Max engine: 2x350hp
Number of persons: 8
Sheet thickness (bottom / freeboard / floor): 5/5/5 Bottom angles
(stern / bow): 19/42

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