Pre Approval Anytime No Obligation

Pride Marine Group Limited is pleased to offer an on-site Financial Services Specialist with mortgage environment rates as a payment and ownership option. This will allow you to take advantage of our large lending power to achieve the lowest possible rate. The Pride Purchase Plan gives you exclusive access to dealer level lending rates, extended warranties, as well as credit insurance, that are not available from our competition. Therefore making boat ownership with Pride Marine Group easy, convenient, and cost efficient without tying up your cash assets.

Through the Pride Purchase Plan, we have access to the major lenders through their marine division which allows our clients to set up user-friendly, wide open loans, using only the purchase as collateral. This key difference allows our clients to avoid converting investments to cash or tying up their emergency funds, such as line of credit. Many of our clients take advantage of this option to allow them to have low monthly payments, with the option to pay it off at any time if desired. This allows our clients to have a seamless ownership experience, while creating a valuable cash asset.

Just like home ownership, we can also do a pre-approval for you at ANY point in time at NO obligation which will give you the security of knowing what price range, terms and conditions would be available to you. Payment options as low as $99 bi-weekly with $0 down (OAC). The terms can also be customized to suit your needs, so if you've budgeted for a certain payment per month for your new boat, we can figure that out with the proper amortization and money down.

Another great advantage of having in-house financing is being able to offer you the ability to protect your investment with Extended Product Protection Plans. If you have not purchased an extended plan, and your manufacturers warranty runs out on your engine, you will be responsible for covering the total costs of repairs. Lets face it; wouldn't it be great to know that the most expensive repairs will be covered by the Extended Plan you purchase? Often times the Product Protection Plans pay for themselves the first time you use it.

For further information on any of this, please contact our company Financial Services Manager, Kristy Bonitatibus at 800-991-3006 Ext 120 or email at

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